Catering and Nutritional Requirements

The chefs in Fennor Hill Nursing Home pride themselves on producing fresh, seasonal and delicious meals every day.

Dining in Fennor Hill is a social experience to look forward to and be enjoyed by all. Our experienced Chefs prepare menus which comprise fresh seasonal ingredients, so that every meal is not only nutritious but also looks great and tastes delicious.

Mealtimes are also an opportunity for socialising and residents can welcome relatives or close friends to dine with them if they wish. There is a choice available every day and the dishes we prepare reflect and include the likes and requests of our Residents as well as their nutritional needs. The chefs provide Residents with a choice of homemade dishes and freshly baked goods each day which Residents can choose to take in our dining rooms or, if they prefer, in the comfort of their own room.

All of our menus have been nutritionally reviewed by a dietitian in order to support the promotion and delivery of healthy eating for older people, including those with Dementia and eating difficulties.

We have dedicated reception staff who provide a warm welcome to all residents, relatives and visitors to Fennor Hill Nursing Home at the main reception desk or when answering the telephone and assisting residents and relatives on a daily basis.

We also have catering assistants, household staff and a maintenance person who provide meal services, ensure that the nursing home environment is cleaned to the best standards and ensure that any minor maintenance issues are dealt with in a timely manner.

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